Grayson Vandegrift

Grayson grew up just outside of Midway and has lived in the area most of his entire life. After attending Wittenberg University and University of Kentucky, he settled in Midway, where he and his family opened a restaurant on Main Street. Grayson served as a Midway City Council member prior to being elected Mayor.

“As Mayor, my number-one priority is to do all that is necessary and proper to improve upon the quality of life that we enjoy in Midway. Quaint but sophisticated, small but big at heart, we have a wonderful sense of community and possess endless potential as a city. I believe Midway can be the model for small cities in the 21st century.”

A Weekly Video Update


I have been reaching out to leaders in our church community in hopes of continuing a conversation we started in our park nearly 3 years ago so that they can help us decide where we should go next. I will keep you updated as to those details. Ours is a time of high anxiety, anger, and sadness. Since I have no answers about what the future holds, I always find comfort in looking to the past. Our shared history and my faith teaches me that we are not novel in struggling with racism, division, and pandemic. We continue to have a problem with institutionalized racism in this country, but we can lay the next stepping stone to healing. To my black and brown neighbors, I see you, and I’m with you. To those still suffering from the plague of hatred, I hope you find a way to open up your heart. We are merely temporary on this stage, so each of us has no choice but to decide whether we will help lay the path forward to peace, or whether we look the other way to more anger and division. Even if all of our efforts only lay one stone on a path of a thousand, we should lay it anyway. As we continue this struggle for equality, let’s not forget about the global pandemic we are also dealing with, and while it is a more temporary situation, it is still here. Keep practicing good social distancing, try to keep get togethers outdoors, wear a mask if you can when you enter a store, pharmacy, or any place with tight quarters, and practice good personal hygiene. Stay well, and God bless. -- Grayson Vandegrift, Mayor City of Midway